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  1. Make sure the device is plugged in.
  2. Make sure the cooking time is set.

  1. Make sure the basket is not too full, use a smaller proportion of ingredients in the basket so they can be fried more evenly. 
  2. The temperature set may be too low, set a higher temperature by using the “+” and “-” buttons.

Certain typed of food (e.g. fries) need to be shaken halfway through the cooking time in order to fry them evenly. 

Lightly brush some oil on the food before air frying them for a crispier result.

The basket may be too full, please do not fill the basket beyond the “Max” indication. 

  1. Greasy food is fried in the air fryer, a large amount of oil will leak into the pan, thus the oil produces white smoke and the pan may heat up more than usual. This does not affect the fryer or end result. 
  2. May be caused by grease from the food cooked previously which will heat up the pan. Make sure to clean the pan after each use.